Calling all Key Keepers!  

Calling all those who are interested in training in this powerful healing art. 

  • Are you are interested in training to aid your clients self heal limiting beliefs?
  • Are you ready to raise your vibration and clear beliefs, emotions and issues that hold you back?
  • Become a key keeper and open chambers that work directly with source energy.  Clear akashic records  fast!
  • Work with Lord Melchizedek, masters, angels and guides!
  •  Level one introduces the keys that aid your  ascension journey.
  • Training in level two  and up enables you to work with clients.
  • The first course teaches about the first set of 39 keys that have been brought back to this planet at this time aiding those whom partake to clear issues and step into the key energy!
  • The course is taught over 3 days with zoom support on your own personal journey through the key integration process!

Please call now for further information!