Rahanni Healing Training 

Rahanni Healing

Rahanni Healing

Rahanni Celestial Healing

Rahanni means ‘Of One Heart’.It is a hands on healing that works with a higher vibrational healing and powerful pink rays of light and angels.

pink rays of light and angels

Treatment times last for 40 minutes and would be adjusted on an individual basis.  Three treatments are recommended for maximum results. This therapy is safe in pregnancy and great to treat children with such conditions as colic and ADHD.

To be a practitioner of Rahanni an attunement of the practitioner’s energy has to have taken place.  This enables them to be an intermediary for a divine healing light.

Who can benefit?

Men, women and children due to its calming quality.

There is no need to be a believer and Rahanni is not linked to any particular religion. 

Just have the intention and be open to receiving the energy.  

healing energy

Rahanni healing offers peace and balance to clients energy systems.   

Sarah offers training  to practitioner level Rahanni and  Level 2 teaching level. 

  Please enquire via email if interested in training in this beautiful healing modality. 


Rahanni healing : Founded  by Carol Anne Stacey at http://www.rahannicelestialhealing.co.uk