The Cosmos, Ascension and the Golden keys from Melchizedek



Planetary Ascension the Key Keepers and the Golden Keys from Melchizedek

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  Who is Melchizedek and what are the golden keys I hear you ask? Within this synopsis, this shall briefly be explained, so you the reader may have a greater understanding of the ways of the light and this new healing modality that has been offered to earth at this time, in order to aid planetary ascension.

Before we go into any great depth we shall discuss ascension briefly so you may have greater understanding of the cosmos and the depths that the cosmos reaches. As dear reader, this is only one realm of existence you may incarnate upon.  The cosmos is great and creation of such, began with planets known as the inner realms.  The inner realms of existence are held within the space time continuum nearest to creator’s light.  They are held there by the astounding love light, the resonance of creation, and known by their vibration and the sound of Om that oscillates throughout.  Holding all planets in the resonance of which they find themselves are certain grid systems, they all lead back to one source, that of the creator.

Earth for many, many millennia has been locked into a specific grid system further away from the vibrational resonance of Om, a lower vibrational planet due to sentient life’s limited understanding of the ‘Laws of the Universes.’  Om is the very sound of life force energy and vibrates throughout all realms and spheres.  It is the crux of all things, the glue if you like that holds all vibrational sounds together.  Om is the sound of creator creating and due to the distance of the outer realm planets, it would require a supersonic hearing aid to get close to this vibrational resonance in its purest form.

During this time in creation source has decreed that this planet will rise back to the bosom of love light, and in doing so grid structures must be cleared.  Grid structures that kept this planet returning to the inner spheres due to blocks and lower vibrational energy.  This is discussed void of judgment, as without such lower vibrations all would cease to be, the ebb and flow of all life would stagnate, all would end.  Much of this must be studied as many aspects of creation lay within the Quantum field and subatomic structures must be carefully analysed. However simplistically it must be acknowledged for life to exist there must be an opposing force.  Lay lines within this planet have also stagnated and blocked due to the energies upon the planet being that of lower vibrational pull, and so mother earth found itself residing within the lower vibrational spheres.  The time for change dear friends is upon us.

This return is mainly due to consciousness rising upon this realm. Many sentient beings raised and continue to raise their vibration. During the time of harmonic convergence, the the group consciousness of beings caused shifts, as many were singing from the same hymn sheet, as it were. So source decreed it was time for the planet to rise back towards the light and so ascension began.  The vibration of emotions thoughts and utterances can not be underestimated, as all hold a vibration.  This has been demonstrated again and again, if we consider studies involving plants that are cared for with the vibration of love and those that are not.  We state this as the raising of consciousness enables the blocks in such planetary grids structures to be cleared, at a vibrational level.

So to the keys and the ceremonies, for it is of this we wish to speak.  Melchizedek may be known to some, and holds the essence of love light and all the attributes, that source, god, creator finds so dear.  Melchizedek is the overseer of the universes and aids in time of ascension due to his great knowledge of the cosmos.  He holds various roles throughout the cosmos and many sentient beings work under ‘The order of Melchizedek’.  We discuss now the keys that are held within the Akashic realm, within vaults within this great living library.

Source created the Akashic realm so that no sentient experience, the choices made or contracts created, could be lost.  It is within the Akashic sphere that journeys are recalled on returning home to the esoteric realms.  Free will is part of the creational codes so sentient can learn and grow from experience, positive and negative, all stories are contained here within the Akashic realm. Within the vaults of the Akashic realm there lies the keys of creation.  Within inner realms all are aware of such keys, within many outer spheres this is not so.  The keys are being offered back to this planet now so that many may clear up past emotional responses, beliefs and contracts.  Generational patterns are also cleared and a new resonance is introduced into the energy field.  This does not detract from the lessons learnt but gives the sentient emotional freedom to live in a lighter, loving vibration free from entrapments of the past.

To conduct key ceremonies a soul has to have under gone specialist esoteric training as there are many keys, each unique to differing beliefs and emotions. Within a ceremony the uniqueness of a sole needs is taken into account, so the receiver of such healing gets the key ceremony that will help them utmost on their journey forward.  At this time Melchizedek oversees the ceremonies, and the keys must be given to those practicing this ancient art ‘The keepers of the keys, by him and him alone.  Ceremonies work with source energy, and as such are sacred.  Within ceremonies timelines can be shifted and certain keys work to clear emotions and beliefs that hold humankind back.  If we look at certain sets of keys, we see they aid energy shifts in many ways.  The judgment set clears judgment of self, others and sets down a new way of being, living with integrity.  The remarkable misdeed set, clears issues surrounding regrets, anger and resentments.  The love set clears the way so the love of self and others may be felt.  Many don’t love themselves, hold compassion in the truest sense of the word or hold the sensation of peace and serenity in their souls.  There are many sets and esoterically speaking, it is known what healing key is required during such ceremonies as it is led by the esoteric realms.  We finish this article with a ditty.

We acknowledge there are many ways to clear up the past, but this healing modality does this fast, so please take a minute to contemplate if you would like to give this a blast. If this resonates deep in your soul and you wish to awaken some more, please pick up the phone or email a line then we can tell you some more.

If such things trouble you still like panic, resentments or shame then let it be known that you needn’t groan any more, the keys can help make sure you atone and live life back on your throne. You may then shine your light in darkest of nights, and twinkle like a new gemstone.   You needn’t feel blue or low for a new way of being you see, can be yours if you follow your heart and find a new way to be.  So let us ascend towards the light and transcend to the rapture of love.  Give this healing a try, it may open your eyes to a new way to be on this earth, and kiss the old ways goodbye.

Don’t live with regrets that you’re not on the path that would make you shine like a star.  Open your heart and make a new start with the sacred mission key.  We all came here with a divine plan, to spread love and joy, you may be a teacher, garden or bee keeper, healer or even work with this new healing art.  No matter your start, if you work from your heart the benefits all will see.  Like a blossoming flower, new leaves can be turned and in abundance you can be.  Abundance is a buzzword on your earth so find out more about the abundance keys.

We conclude this ditty with a quick word from source energy.  This is offered to you so you may walk in this plane with joy in your heart reconnected to source energy.  Source wants you to dance with a spring in your step, wants you to feel the vibrational pull of universal flow. So you may sing with the essence of things that contain the lightest glow. The glow, which we speak is the glow of love light, that is held right their, in your hearts. The eternal flame that can never go out regardless where you are on your path.

If this healing modality, or the words in this brief resonates with you then read on.  We remind you all that there are many healing modalities that you may utilise to clear up the past, heal and live life in a different way.  We ask you to consider previous times within your history, many of which have long been forgotten and even mythicized.  Of which we are talking of Lemerian and Atlantian times.   We discuss this now and state within this text there are many ways back to the light, and this was a failing of the elders during these periods of history whom thought their way, was the only way. We state to you such tools have been given but the message remains the same.  You are all one, and so all those awakened to the truth must work as one together to raise the vibrations of this planet without the belief one gift is greater than another.  All sentient beings hold a gift whether healing, teaching, caring for the planet, working the land or gifting through expression through the arts, song or media.  All those working from the heart are aiding the planet to shift and this must be applauded and acknowledged no matter where societal norms have placed anyone being on the ladder that is called incarnated life.

Thank you for reading.


This is a must read for those whom question ‘the mystery that is called life’. A book to ignite a remembrance of your true soul essence, and the roles and stories that all have played throughout many incarnational experiences. This book is dedicated to you the reader ‘whom wishes to understand why certain areas of your life’s journey may have not played out, as you indeed intended.’ This is a book that offers the hope of healing to many, and gifts insights, to those awakening to a new way of living, without the fears and restrictions of the past.   This ditty intends to draw you in, into a way of living, free from the need to reach for the gin. This book intends to bring you joy, in the knowing that stories that made you cry, can be transformed in a blink of an eye.  So delve into the the text within, that may resonate with you and make you grin. If you read inside, we can assure you of an awakening far beyond what you presently feel is real. Besides, it may make you walk with glee in your stride.   A book that discusses ascension and ‘The Rise Back to Creator’s Love Light’ which many strive to find.   An overview of the cosmos.  A guide, and an exploration into the depths of emotions and the responses that hold human kind back.   This is a journey that will will not only touch your heart but your mind and  soul.