The Book ‘The Cosmos, Ascension and The Golden Keys from Melchizedek’

My book is out! Please check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other major retailers. The book delves deeply into the aspects of creation, and reviews the Cosmos offering a new slant on how we view existence. It explores the ascension process and how this planet is returning towards the love light of Source, The […]

Training Rahanni 5D Angelic Healing Attunement

Sarah Massiah and Susan Kennard offer Rahanni Training and Rahanni Teacher Training.    Dates:  Taking booking for September now!   Dates: Weekend of 29/09/18 – 30/09/18 Please call to enquire!  Come and join Sarah and Susan for a two-day training event, packed with practical sessions activations.  On completion of course level one- you are able to […]