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Sarah is a Founding Member of the Elohim High Council of Lightworking closely with Melchizedek, Ascended Masters and Angels. The Elohim High Council of Light was founded by Creator at the time of Creation, when all sentient beings were given free will, when Creator’s children were born into existence
The Council is overseen by Melchizedek.  The formation of the Elohim High Council of Light was necessary, as was the need to give all souls free will to choose within a duality.  Creator, knowing this free will choice was imperative, so that all may grow in Love and into a greater version of Self, as Creator’s child. Knowing many would fall into unconsciousness of whom they were, the duality of existence was born, many experiencing separation. 
All from Love as without such duality and choice, nothing would be.  No souls, no planets would exist, all just vibrating on one energy of Love, for infinity.  Nothing to experience, no way of becoming a greater version of expressing Self through Love.   
The Elohim High Council worked directly with Creator to ensure there were certain rules and Laws of Creation that were in play, so that Creation would continue, and that at the correct time Laws could be enforced.  
Creator creating the Keys of Creation, ‘The Golden Keys from Melchizedek’ so when the time was right and enough of Creator’s children called for change across the Cosmos, they may be used to aid many souls return to the Light.  
The Keys are directly linked to the Akashic Realms were experiences are held, logged and monitored. 
They enable Creator to change stories that have played out for eons of time and are used in conjunction with the Laws of the Universe to release many from unconscious acts that have affected many of Creator’s children across the Cosmos. 

higher love

Sarah Massiah is a founding member of the ‘ELOHIM HIGH COUNCIL OF LIGHT. ‘

Calling all souls ready to dig deep within enabling you to transform pasts working directly with CREATOR OF ALL THERE IS.

Here today at the time of ‘Ascension.’ At This Time of Awakening and Remembrance of whom YOU are. 

To Aid YOU  Open A New Chapter and step into the light. Aiding YOU to become a greater version of self. Aiding YOU to connect to the divine within, without separation to ‘PRIME CREATOR OF ALL THERE IS ‘.

  • Bringing YOU back to remembrance that WE are all one. YOU are Creators child NO MATTER your journeying. Bringing you back to:



BSC (HONS) Nursing

BSC Public Health Nursing.

Over 20 years of nursing experience, including specialised roles within the community.


Sarah is an Award winning Author, and Energist offering bespoke healing packages to individuals. Channeling some of the highest frequencies of light to aid the collective, working directly with mother, father God, Elohim, Creator of all there is.

Sarah offers this unique powerful healing modality ‘The Golden Keys from Melchizedek.’ 

Working with the Keys of Creation held within the Akashic Realms. Offering multidimensional healing to YOU, so YOU may transmute old vibrational energies, experiences and patterns that no longer Serve. 




Trained in various  complementary therapies. 

    • Offering Rahanni Celestial Healing Training please contact for training information.


rahanni heal


Offering confidential and non judgmental , complementary energy therapy treatments whilst working in a team with the client.

Working under and adhering to the ATM code of conduct AND The Rahanni Code of Ethics and Practice. 



The treatments are complementary and work alongside conventional medical advice. 

Theses do not claim to cure or heal.  The healing we believe occurs comes from self healing and realignment with universal energies. 

 No claims are made with regard to the outcome. 

No diagnosis, cure or claim to cure or heal can be made by this practitioner.

Medical advice should be sort by any client with medical symptoms.