Sarah Massiah.

Healing to Restore Hope by Clearing Old Stories.



BSC (HONS) Nursing

BSC Public Health Nursing.

Over 20 years of nursing experience, including specialised roles within the community. 





Sarah is an Author, and Energist offering bespoke healing packages to individuals. 

Sarah offers the powerful healing modality ‘The Golden Keys from Melchizedek’  and various healing packages this is determined on an individual basis.

    • Trained in various  complementary therapies. 
    • Rahanni Celestial Healing Teacher.


rahanni heal


Offering confidential and non judgmental , complementary energy therapy treatments whilst working in a team with the client.

Working under and adhering to the ATM code of conduct AND The Rahanni Code of Ethics and Practice. 

You are the healer in your life.



The treatments are complementary and work alongside conventional medical advice. 

Theses do not claim to cure or heal.  The healing we believe occurs comes from self healing and realignment with universal energies. 

 No claims are made with regard to the outcome. 

No diagnosis, cure or claim to cure or heal can be made by this practitioner.

Medical advice should be sort by any client with medical symptoms.